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In Tune with Time: Watchmaker Masahiro Kikuno

An “independent watchmaker” is a watch craftsperson creating works of art based on his/her own ideals without belonging to any corporation. Among these watchmakers, Masahiro Kikuno is one that has been receiving attention for his extremely unique work that highlights traditional Japanese culture. Now, Kikuno is aiming to recreate an ultimate timepiece into a wristwatch. It is based on a “temporal hour clock” made by a Japanese master craftsman in 1851, which divides the time between sunrise and sunset into six equal parts. As the length of the day varies with the season, the length of the temporal hours changes by season. The complex and exquisite automaton clock consists of more than 1000 parts. The documentary closely follows Kikuno’s amazing creative activity of translating the same system into a small wrist watch.

Enjoy the exquisite world of traditional Japanese craftsmanship in stunning ultra-high-definition 4K images.

India: Kingdom of the Tiger

Follow in the footsteps of Jim Corbett, the famed English hunter-naturalist, as he races to save an Indian village from the terror of a man-eating tiger. Along his journey he expresses his passion for tigers and explores the issues of tiger conservation. The film is also a historical epic depicting India from 1910 to the modern era. Starring critically acclaimed Indian actress Smriti Mishra and Christopher Heyerdahi.

Inner Earth

Their landscapes and ecosystems are as diverse as the planets which align our solar system. Travel around the world to explore this mysterious, and still vastly uncharted, subterranean world.

Audiences will uncover an abundance of natural, ecological, and archaeological jewels which lay hidden within the world’s deepest, darkest and most astonishing caves. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime through tight passageways, down deep vertical shafts, and across searing cavern floors. Journey from the watery Caves Branch of Belize to the frozen kingdom of Eisriesenwelt — from the gargantuan Sotano De Las Golondrinas to the indignant fires of the Hawaiian Lava Tubes. From mystical Mayan ruins, to awe-inspiring crystalline chambers, viewers will witness a collection of natural wonders as far as the eye can see – all in a world apart from our own.

Inside the Commons
59 x 4

Michael Cockerell presents a major new four part series filmed over the course of a year in the House of Commons. In this pioneering project by Atlantic Productions, camera crews are given unparalleled access to areas normally forbidden to the public and reveal the hidden workings of this iconic institution. Travelling deep inside the corridors of the Palace of Westminster, this series reveals what really went on behind the scenes during a remarkable year in politics in the run up to one of the most unpredictable general elections in British history.

Inside the Commons follows Ministers and MPs high and low as they seek to navigate the machinery of the House, to make laws and fight their constituents’ battles. The series also introduces the nation to the people who keep the Commons working: from the keeper of Big Ben and the Hawker responsible for keeping pigeons off the 19th century stonework to the gospel-singing tea lady of the Members’ Tea Room. From crumbling stonework to leaky roofs, the series shows the challenges faced as staff strive to keep the country’s most iconic and historic building functioning as a modern parliament.

Island Adventure

(AKA Reunion Magique)

A journey through the most inaccessible and amazing places of a volcanic island. Three characters are looking for a “missing photographer,” confronted with the wildest rainforest, giant waterfalls and unexplored canyons, the adventurers end up right in the heart of a volcanic eruption.

Issey Miyake: Design for Feel

A piece of cloth folded like origami transforms into a three-dimensional designer outfit when spread out. Master fashion designer Issey Miyake has been taking the fashion world by storm for decades with innovative creations that have redefined the Western concept of clothing. Miyake, now in his 70’s, is filled with more ideas than ever before. This documentary closely follows Miyake in the creative process of a new series of “origami-like” designs based on his concept of “A Piece of Cloth.” Miyake and his young staff members are relentless in the pursuit of the designs that are beautiful when folded flat, and are attractive when worn dynamically. Witness the passion, ambition and creative struggles of Miyake and his team, beginning with the planning right thru to the completion of his new collection.

Journey into Amazing Caves

Follow two accomplished female cavers as they descend deep inside treacherous and beautiful ice caves in Greenland, underwater labyrinths in Mexico’s steamy Yucutan Peninsula and twisted caverns within the walls of the Grand Canyon.

Journey to Space
42, 24, 17

In the past half century, humans have punched through the stratosphere, walked on the moon, and lived continuously in orbit. In the coming decades, our unquenchable curiosity will take our species beyond the cradle of Earth to touch the face of another world. Strap in for the next giant leap. Next stop … Mars!

Khumbu Valley

Spectacular journey through the Khumbu Valley, home to the highest mountain in the world, the Everest or as the locals call it, Sagarmatha – Holy Mother. Shot in breathtaking 4K.

Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa

Join a band of trekkers as they journey through rugged terrain and extreme conditions to look out from Africa’s highest point in David Breashears’ mountain adventure, Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa.

Kyoto Imperial Palace: Beauty Hidden for a Thousand Years

Kyoto Imperial Palace contains several residences of the Imperial family as well as a number of vast gardens. To promote the Imperial Palace both nationally and internationally as a symbol of Japan and an estate worthy of an imperial household, the residences feature the most luxurious furniture and the finest craftsmanship. The Imperial Palace is part of a valuable cultural heritage that reveals an aristocratic culture dating back more than a thousand years.

Legend of Loch Lomond

Set on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond in breathtaking Scotland, Legend of Loch Lomond is the dramatic ghost story of 18th century lovers cruelly separated by war, but reunited in the present day by a beautiful young singer who inadvertently becomes entangled in their tale.

Legends of Flight
46, 24

Through the eyes of chief test pilot Mike Carriker, a legendary contemporary pilot who is flight rated in more than 100 airplanes, we will see how a century of aviation trial and error, and some of the seminal airplanes of the 20th century influenced the design of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Life on Fire
52 x 6

Narrated by Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons, the four wildlife episodes of LIFE ON FIRE paint survival stories around different volcanoes. From the dark abyss to pristine snow-capped peaks, spectacular scenery provides the backdrop for the extraordinary animals and plants thathave learned to juggle with fire. Fragile and engaging, these creatures teach us lessons in survival in a world as fascinating as it is dangerous. Two Scientific episodes show how we live and react to volcanoes. VOLCANO DOCTORS portrays the current technological revolution driven by the extensive use of telemetry to monitor volcanoes. It reveals the conflict between the scientists risking their lives to understand and predict the next eruption set against the pragmatism of people who live and work in the shadow of moody volcanoes. ICELANDIC VOLCANOES, WHO IS NEXT? reveals that Eyjafjallajökull –though it caused havoc- was in geological history arelatively minor eruption and that several other volcanoes with the potential to create far greater catastrophe are simply biding their time…

Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance

Lost Worlds takes viewers on a global exploration of the fascinating interconnectedness of all living things. Leap off the top of Angels Falls; the highest waterfall in the world, dive into active volcanoes and climb to the top of tropical rain forest to participate in the epic story of biodiversity and its profound importance to human life.

Magic Journey to Africa
56, 49

Inspired by her encounter with a young bushman boy that she meets on the streets of Barcelona, Jana, a lively and curious ten-year-old girl, embarks on an imaginary journey to the Namib desert, accompanied by her magical winged horse.

Majestic White Horses

Using as its centerpiece both the world’s most famous horses, the Lippizans of Austria, and their home, the internationally famous Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Majestic White Horses will capture the heart and mystique of this great animal from the time of its youth to the crowning achievement of its entrance into the School. Music performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Marrakesh – A Journey to a World of Colour

Journey to a world of colour: Marrakech is a 4K narrated documentary that immerses the viewers into this ancient African city – full of mysteries and magic corners. It’s a city with a peculiar range of colours borne out of African traditions, Arabic architecture, ancient building techniques and materials, special sunlight, its inhabitants, the way they dress, the way they conduct their business, how they conceive the public spaces, etc. In essence, the colours of Marrakech is the result of the human experience.

It’s a poetic and atmospheric documentary, as this is the way the director sees Marrakech. The city has its own tempo, the people never seem to be in a hurry; we see old men sitting in squares watching the time pass by. We get the impression that they have deep knowledge of this land, unfathomable to us. And this spirit permeates the entire city – its streets, buildings, homes, workshops, produce and products. Our aim is to show this side of Marrakech.

“Journey to a World of Colour: Marrakech” is the first of in a series that features different cities around the world through its colours and the 4K technology helps bring colours to life, in a way never experienced before.

Masters of Time: Independent Watchmakers
15 x 3

The world’s elite independent watchmakers are incredibly passionate about watch making from design to assembly, delicately bringing together hundreds of minuscule parts all by hand. The price for one such truly artistic timepiece can fetch up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their phenomenal techniques stretching the limits of human capability are almost divine. Example of their mastery include a watch that uses only wooden parts except for the springs, a watch without hands or a face, and a watch that shows celestial movement. This documentary series goes deep into the workshops of the world’s expert independent watchmakers.


Using text from Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes and ancient Aztec and Mayan poetry, Mexico leads viewers on a visual journey through this country’s rich and varied past and present. Stunning images and a dramatic musical score by Daniel Valdez create a vivid, insightful portrait of the Mexican people and their culture.