4D Attraction/Ride

Popular entertainment attractions for the entire family! Available in 3D & 2D. Put a “theme park” attraction in your theater.

Release Year
19, 15, 7

By some quirk of fate a post boy Tom becomes the unhappy owner of the CD which opens the gate for mystical creatures into our world. Due to his working skills Tom appears to be tossing-wise and kills the giant centipede with the help of Chinese ancient fan.

A Christmas Tale
23, 14, 7

On Christmas Eve a small boy Danny magically finds himself in a dreamland where greedy Frostbite has seized the power. To liberate the dreamland and its inhabitants and to return Christmas presents to children Danny with the help of a lonely dwarf throws into the unequal battle with Frostbite. Only friendship and genius inventions of Dwarf help to redress an injustice and to overpower the subtle enemy.

A New Year Adventure

We invite you in the world where child’s dreams come true… Experience the atmosphere of approaching new-year holidays taking 5D trip together with Santa Claus.

Adventures in the NPM

After the sun goes down, the lights come on. Don’t assume that everything is quiet and still inside the exhibition galleries at the National Palace Museum! That’s because every evening, after the last visitor has left the Museum, the works of painting and calligraphy and antiquities in the exhibition galleries come alive, throwing a party, chatting about everyday things, or just creating a general ruckus. The plot of this film involves three characters come to life–a child pillow, a jade duck, and a pi-hsieh evil-averting animal. These three friends often romp around playing together. However, one night during their revelry, they lost one of the insects perched on the famous jadeite cabbage on exhibit, leading them on a chase of the insect around the premises. How does it end? Just wait and see!


Join a team of recruits for an intense air fighter training. Your mission: chase down an advanced flying robot; destroy it before its laser beams hit you. Roger that? Good luck on your mission!

Airy-Fairy & Dangerous Express
21, 15, 7

The top FBI female squad is given the order to find and neutralize the arms dealer who supplies one of the eastern country with the nuclear weapon. Special agents successfully complete this delicate operation and take by storm the train with the dangerous load. Machinist assistant gains agents’ trust and offers to disarm the bombs. But as soon as he receives the computer which operates the bomb start, he traitorously presets the start of nuclear weapon for the new aim at the nearest megapolis.

Amazon 4D
15, 8

Let’s take a virtual trip through a gloomy madhouse. Using FPP (First Person Perspective) viewers are passing through a number of rooms and hospital corridors filled in with horror, where paranormal events are hiding behind every corner. The dark atmosphere of the movie gives you a truly horrifying and nerve-wracking feeling. Get the thrill! See it, feel it, smell it – sense it making the most if all your senses!


Bicho the lovely alien is strolling through the universe, finally coming to earth. On his way he has to pass different experiences, and nobody expects the final end of the movie. Promised!

Case, Love, Gangs
21, 15, 8

The main hero is an art thief who signs up for the mobster’s order to steal the Golden Head from the municipal museum. But suddenly another thief appears hired by the rival mafia group. This creeper Gekkona from under Orl’s nose has stolen the key which opened the treasure where the Golden Head was kept. In chase of the halidom Orl and Gekkona fall in love with each other and give their clients the push.


Welcome to Paris, City of Light, 19th Century! A new tourist attraction is about to open its doors: the Catacombs. Travel back in time, and become the first visitor to discover the world famous underground cemetery located beneath the city’s streets… This 3D/4D film is targeted at theme parks and FEC’s, around Halloween or any other scary occasion!


MAURICE the Human Cannonball is a proud, egoistic circus artist, who would never let anybody else become the star in the circus arena. But he was not expecting the intelligence of FRED, the elephant. A funny family adventure with starride and a good message.

Claw Tropolis

Bus Driver in Claw Tropolis is a bit of a grouch. He ‘drops’ passengers out of the moving bus whenever he pleases. Ironically, one day, he gets himself stuck — on his own bus?!!

Cool Cucumber
19, 8

Just imagine that vegetables in your supermarket are alive and live their natural life providing us with fresh and healthy greenery but… Until genic mutated vegetable from the future comes.

Crazy Motors

Death moto match. How to reach finish, passing terrible hardships? Five racing drivers — and only one wins! Dizzy jumps and tricks. Only the strongest will survive!

Da Vinci’s Touch: The Artist Ride 5D

The true story behind Mona Lisa’s smile. Have a look at the Leonardo Da Vinci’s studio and meet his personal assistant. Their squabbles make the 5D ride starts. Have you ever seen a paint brush running across the most famous inventions in the world? Da Vinci’s Touch 5D is the 5D ride that will give the answers to these questions above and more. Meet the most famous genius in the world and his animated paint brush, participate in their arguments and prepare to run. Escaping on a bicycle from Leonardo’s clutches will show you all the artworks he has been working on. Da Vinci’s machineries – the real ones! – will help or obstruct you, while Leonardo will be trying to reach you. Fly above the room, be thrown from a catapult, climb into ancient helicopters and rush across a burning fireplace.

Dive: The Mystical Deep

Take a journey to the depths and discover a vivid landscape and its inhabitants, but beware, as the sea is a dangerous place. There are numerous creatures out there still to be discovered but don’t worry, our new submarines are more than capable to handle whatever may emerge from the depths.


You are appeared to be in an abandon house. Strange noises and your imagination make you believe in ghosts! Do not be scared if you want to escape of the monster that is waiting for you in one of the room.

Fairy Balloon Ride

You got an invitation from an owl for the legendary balloon race. The course towards the top of Main Castle in a downtown of fairy?s village. Race through snow covered mountains, and dangerous abandoned mine and you will see the mysterious big tree inside deep caves. Hold on tight! A rocket powered balloon vehicle will be launched.

Fly Around the World