Release Year
African Giants

Produced by 3D Entertainment, African Giants gives an intimate look into the lives of the elephants and rhinos that live on the African plains.

African Safari

Produced by 3D Entertainment, African Safari follows the Maasai people of Kenya on a journey through one of the last true wilderness areas in the world.

Amazing Whales

Produced by 3D Entertainment, Amazing Whales gives an intimate look into the behaviors of the gentle giants of the sea, and explores how their livelihoods grow increasingly endangered.

Coral Oasis

Produced by 3D Entertainment, Coral Oasis unveils the mysteries behind one of the greatest miracles at the bottom of the sea.

Expedition Into the Cell

Taken into an incredible journey aboard a nanotechnologiacal vessel, the spectator finds himself into a human lung and there he can watch the fight of the white globules against a starting tumor.  Then, from the vessel a tiny module goes loose, carrying a reporter commenting “live” from the heart, the duplication of a cell the duplication of the DNA and the birth of 2 cells.  After lively adventures the module rushes back among the globule.

Fly Around the World

In a swirl of astonishing images, driven by a spaceman and his young co-pilot, we discover with wonder, eclipses, solar prominences, auroras borealis, magnetic fields, and solar eruptions.  The Sun was born 5 billion years ago and without the Sun there would be no plant, no animal, and no man!  It is situated 150 million kilometers from the Earth and its light comes to us after 8 minutes.

Holy Moly

Holy Moly is a short animation about moles enjoying 3D entertainment.  A mole takes it on himself to create a handcrafted stereoscopic experience for his friends by faking the effect in various movie-like scenarios only to meet his and their doom when an actual boulder squashes them while thinking it’s part of the show.

Humpback Whales 3D

Produced by 3D Entertainment, Humpback Whales explores the behaviors of these majestic creatures of the sea.

Insects Talk

Discover the surprising way of insects communicating: the “big eyes” of the butterfly, the kiss of the ants, the dance of the bees, the song of the cicadas, and the luminescent ballet of the fireflies.

Monsters of the Abyss

Dive to the depths of the ocean to discover one of the most hostile places on the planet — where there is no sunlight, it’s near freezing — and life is unlike anything we have ever experienced.  State of the art 3D digital animation takes viewers on a journey to the deep sea to discover underwater volcanoes, strange animals, and much more.  An HD/3D film by Ronan Chapalain & Pascal Vuong.

Save Our Sharks

Produced by 3D Entertainment, Save Our Sharks gives a look into the behaviors and feeding patterns of these feral kings of the ocean.

Sunday Jog

Sunday Jog is a short animated film about two joggers who set out for a stroll on a beautiful Sunday morning.  They are alarmed by what appears to be an earthquake — which quickly reveals itself to be much more.  Embarking on an epic battle for survival, these joggers turn from the chased to the chasers in this animated comedic thriller.


Switch is set in a futuristic dystopia, gang member “O” steals a valuable piece of equipment; the use of which could have devastating consequences.  This sci-fi world comes alive in a surreal blend of colors, shapes and locations which pop in 3D.  Follow a series of characters as all are involved in the chase and capture of this mysterious and coveted device.

Wild Dolphins