Tadeo Jones

Tadeo is a fearless adventurer who decides to face a challenge, a great challenge.  A risky situation that is going to get extremely difficult to be solved.  He’s going to enter a very complex pyramid where he’s going to find curious and dangerous surprises.

Sweet Roller Coaster
Storm Riders

Amid a terrible heat wave, three siblings take a ride to the lake for a refreshing swim only to find that the lake is completely dry.  Little do they know that the initial disappointment will soon turn into the biggest adventure of their lives when they make an incredible discovery at the bottom of the dried lake.  A discovery that will take them all the way to outer space and back and which will put their flaws and strengths to the test.

Star’s Adventure

Would you go with a small star for the exciting journey from outer space to the Earth?  Let’s ride through mountains and swim into the ocean!  You will obviously find new friends.

Squirrel Adventure
Shine Like a Star
24, 16, 8

The parable about a small star which in search of friends and adventures finds its mission on Earth helping people.

8, 5

It is the future.  Civilization has ended.  A war exists between machines and the survivors of the human race.  Amidst the ruins of a forgotten world lie the secrets of our former glory.  Follow our hero on a high speed motorbike chase through the crumbling cities, tunnels, and streets as he attempts to escape a weaponized attack drone with what may be the key to mankind’s future.

River Rats
Quantum Quest
23, 11

Since the beginning of time, the balance of the universe has rested upon a war unseen by human eyes … a crusade that wages until this very day … THE VOID, an ancient and malevolent being, leads his vast army of anti-matter wages war against all matter.  On the other hand, THE CORE is a wise and benevolent being and sends his children, photons, to fight against THE VOID and his anti-matters.  A young photon named DAVE refuses to embark on the quest with the rest of photons.  Only until one day, THE RANGER, a ghost particle pleads for his help to deliver a mysterious gem to Cassini Space Core Commander to save trillions upon trillions lives of photons.  Hesitant but without a choice, Dave agrees to carry on the mission that bears the fate of the struggle …

Mob City
Mission Moon

2056.  From orbital base on the Moon the landing module of Earthmen teleports to the planet Zed Alpha 02 in Beta Centaur Galaxy.  Their mission is developing attack.  Will space scouts return?  You will definitely know it if you dare to a telepathic session at 5D theatre and plunge together with the landing module into the fight with robots on a far-out planet.

Meet the Dinos

About 70 million years ago, a baby pterosaur is about to leave the nest.  He’s eager to spread his wings and discover the world.  Join him on his journey, as he encounters bizarre, yet amazing creatures.  Get ready to meet: Dinosaurs!  This family friendly dinosaur film appeals to all ages and is intended for showings in immersive 3D/4D theaters in theme parks and science centers.


Do you want to tickle with visiting the old madhouse?  Its habitants do not like to be disturbed.  Or do you want to stay here forever?  Try not to go insane while you are walking through dark corridors and listening to constant whisper of lost souls.

Luigi’s Pizzaride

Luigi works for a pizza service in a small Italian village.  His pizzas are the best far and wide and have to be delivered quickly to the customer.  With his small three-wheeled Piaggio he drives through the village like a daredevil where he doesn’t shy away from any shortcut or sound, nothing too risky for a delivery without delay.

Little Dolphin

Experience the majestic marine adventure of a young dolphin, discovering the beauty and dangers of marine life.  Will he succeed in retrieving his lost mother?  Come, explore, and share magical encounters!  This highly immersive production is targeted at 3D/4D theatres in aquariums, zoos, theme parks, and other major venues.  The 9-minute film has a subtle yet powerful and positive ecological message; the future is bright and blue.

Journey to the West

Get on the flying motor bike and take a fantasy experience with a hazardous journey throughout the Monkey Planet.  Supernatural force will be yours on this important mission.  Good luck to you with your space journey!

Journey to the Center of the Earth
15, 4

Three adventurers plunge deep into a strange new world beneath the Earth’s surface where they embark on an amazing voyage and find incredible beauty amidst grave danger.

Ideal Planet
19, 16, 8

Space pilgrims in search of the promised land travel through the universe and open the planet which seems to be ideal for life.  As they land the planet starts to fulfill their heart’s desires.  Nobody but Professor understands the nature of the planet.  The aggressiveness of the rest of the team meets the correspondent answer as a feedback from the planet.  Two other people, Captain and professor’s assistant managed to survive due to their love.  With the help of Professor who stayed as his wishes’ hostage in the planet the loving pair come back to their base spaceship and report that the planet is unsuited for life.

Honey Boom
Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China: one of the Seven Wonders of the World!  Visit this world famous tourist attraction, wonder of architecture, mythical place … Let the fortune teller be your guide and prepare for a magical adventure.  This 3D/4D film is aimed at theaters in theme parks, science centers and museums.  Given the popularity of its theme, the Great Wall, a world famous historical attraction, the film appeals to a worldwide audience.