4D Attraction/Ride

Popular entertainment attractions for the entire family! Available in 3D & 2D. Put a “theme park” attraction in your theater.

Release Year
19, 15, 7

By some quirk of fate a post boy Tom becomes the unhappy owner of the CD which opens the gate for mystical creatures into our world.  Due to his working skills Tom appears to be tossing-wise and kills the giant centipede with the help of Chinese ancient fan.

A Christmas Tale
23, 14, 7

On Christmas Eve a small boy Danny magically finds himself in a dreamland where greedy Frostbite has seized the power.  To liberate the dreamland and its inhabitants and to return Christmas presents to children Danny with the help of a lonely dwarf throws into the unequal battle with Frostbite.  Only friendship and genius inventions of Dwarf help to redress an injustice and to overpower the subtle enemy.

A New Year Adventure

We invite you in the world where child’s dreams come true … Experience the atmosphere of approaching new-year holidays taking 5D trip together with Santa Claus.

A Tinkerdoodle Christmas

A Tinkerdoodle Christmas gets everyone in the mood for the festive season with a heartwarming tale about Father Christmas.

Action Hero

Meet Action Hero on high alert to launch into battle to defeat the alien invaders.  Join him on an action packed adventure with high octane thrills to keep you on the edge of your seats as man meets machine.  Will Action Hero save the city?

Adventures in the NPM

After the sun goes down, the lights come on.  Don’t assume that everything is quiet and still inside the exhibition galleries at the National Palace Museum!  That’s because every evening, after the last visitor has left the Museum, the works of painting and calligraphy and antiquities in the exhibition galleries come alive, throwing a party, chatting about everyday things, or just creating a general ruckus.  The plot of this film involves three characters come to life — a child pillow, a jade duck, and a pi-hsieh evil-averting animal.  These three friends often romp around playing together.  However, one night during their revelry, they lost one of the insects perched on the famous jadeite cabbage on exhibit, leading them on a chase of the insect around the premises.  How does it end?  Just wait and see!

Aerobatic Challenge

Join the aerobatic challenge as we take a psychedelic and kaleidoscopic journey through the skies looping the loop.  Fast pace and precise stunts make this film a must do experience.


Based on a true story enter the deserted house on a journey of mystery and suspense.  Discover the horrors of times gone by.


Join a team of recruits for an intense air fighter training.  Your mission: chase down an advanced flying robot; destroy it before its laser beams hit you.  Roger that?  Good luck on your mission!

Airy-Fairy & Dangerous Express
21, 15, 7

The top FBI female squad is given the order to find and neutralize the arms dealer who supplies one of the eastern country with the nuclear weapon.  Special agents successfully complete this delicate operation and take by storm the train with the dangerous load.  Machinist assistant gains agents’ trust and offers to disarm the bombs.  But as soon as he receives the computer which operates the bomb start, he traitorously presets the start of nuclear weapon for the new aim at the nearest megapolis.

Alien Safari

Take a ride with us to a distant planet where strange creatures of all sizes roam it’s surface.  Our highly trained safari guides will get you up close and personal with these amazing animals.

Amazon 4D

An exclusive adventure in to the heart of a mysterious Jungle where thrill and excitement awaits!


In our submarine embark for an extraordinary journey into the abyssal depths.

Travel in the company of dolphins, exotic fishes, moray eels, sharks, and frightening species still unknown to this day …

Arctic 1

Guests are invited on a journey across the North and South Pole by researcher Steel and his sidekick.  A researcher has built a new type of vehicle for polar exploration that he intends to test on its maiden voyage.  Guests are reassured that all possible precautions have been taken, but it doesn’t sound very convincing coming from the researcher.  During the ride the vehicle’s limits will be put to the test whilst traveling through breathtaking landscapes and scenes!

Astro Pinball

High Octane action on the pinball machine giving sensational manoeuvres as you flip and turn.

Hold on to your insides as this dramatic ride unfolds.

15, 8

Let’s take a virtual trip through a gloomy madhouse.  Using FPP (First Person Perspective) viewers are passing through a number of rooms and hospital corridors filled in with horror, where paranormal events are hiding behind every corner.  The dark atmosphere of the movie gives you a truly horrifying and nerve-wracking feeling.  Get the thrill!  See it, feel it, smell it – sense it making the most if all your senses!

Barnyard Breakout

Crazy chaotic capers from the farmyard to the Antarctic to the Safari.

Bee Musical

Join this colourful journey as the bees enter a kaleidoscopic trek taking them across the ocean and into the forest whilst enjoying a musical montage.


Bicho the lovely alien is strolling through the universe, finally coming to earth.  On his way he has to pass different experiences, and nobody expects the final end of the movie.  Promised!

Cappadocia Coaster