4D Attraction/Ride

Popular entertainment attractions for the entire family! Available in 3D & 2D. Put a “theme park” attraction in your theater.

Release Year
Ideal Planet
19, 16, 8

Space pilgrims in search of the promised land travel through the universe and open the planet which seems to be ideal for life.  As they land the planet starts to fulfill their heart’s desires.  Nobody but Professor understands the nature of the planet.  The aggressiveness of the rest of the team meets the correspondent answer as a feedback from the planet.  Two other people, Captain and professor’s assistant managed to survive due to their love.  With the help of Professor who stayed as his wishes’ hostage in the planet the loving pair come back to their base spaceship and report that the planet is unsuited for life.

Island Coaster
Journey to the Center of the Earth
15, 4

Three adventurers plunge deep into a strange new world beneath the Earth’s surface where they embark on an amazing voyage and find incredible beauty amidst grave danger.

Journey to the West

Get on the flying motor bike and take a fantasy experience with a hazardous journey throughout the Monkey Planet.  Supernatural force will be yours on this important mission.  Good luck to you with your space journey!

Labyrinth of Illusions

Join our runner on his fast and furious journey of intricate passageways and blind alleys.

Le Voyage de Noé

Join Noah on his adventure at the Zoo as he explores the wildlife and flora around him.

Legend of Apollo

Legend of Apollo was produced in partnership with former NASA and Apollo astronaut, David R. Scott, and tells the inside story of the lunar landings with particular reference to the Apollo 15 mission.

Little Ants Adventure
10, 5

Meet great friends Qin and Ding as they try to fly and end up hurtling through the forest using a leaf as their mode of transport.  Follow them as they slalom through the branches and swim through the river on a roller coaster journey brushing with nature at its best.

Little Dolphin

Experience the majestic marine adventure of a young dolphin, discovering the beauty and dangers of marine life.  Will he succeed in retrieving his lost mother?  Come, explore, and share magical encounters!  This highly immersive production is targeted at 3D/4D theatres in aquariums, zoos, theme parks, and other major venues.  The 9-minute film has a subtle yet powerful and positive ecological message; the future is bright and blue.

Lost World
Luigi’s Pizzaride

Luigi works for a pizza service in a small Italian village.  His pizzas are the best far and wide and have to be delivered quickly to the customer.  With his small three-wheeled Piaggio he drives through the village like a daredevil where he doesn’t shy away from any shortcut or sound, nothing too risky for a delivery without delay.

Magic World

On the 3rd July 1938 at 4:22 pm, the A4 Pacific steam locomotive, Mallard, swept through Grantham on the East Coast mainline towards Kings Cross. By the time it pulled into Peterborough 26 minutes later the train had reached 126mph – a new world record, which still stands today! Step aboard this record breaking run in 4D to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mallard’s achievement.

Max Adventures

(AKA Paddle Pop Adventures)

We join Max and his friends on their race to find the ancient crystals before the evil Shadowmaster and stop his unrelenting efforts to rule the World.  Our characters venture through dangerous temples riddled with traps.  We experience trekking through deep jungle, journey across hot desert, and fight through snowy mountains to keep the Lion kingdom safe.

Set after the events of the TV series Max Adventures – Begins, this 4D film has been specially designed for all 4D/5D effects.

Meet the Dinos

About 70 million years ago, a baby pterosaur is about to leave the nest.  He’s eager to spread his wings and discover the world.  Join him on his journey, as he encounters bizarre, yet amazing creatures.  Get ready to meet: Dinosaurs!  This family friendly dinosaur film appeals to all ages and is intended for showings in immersive 3D/4D theaters in theme parks and science centers.

5, 4

Get on to a submarine, and explore the deep sea! After going through the beautiful coral reef forest, you will discover the mysterious underwater empire. Can you survive from the threat of giant creature waiting there?

Menace Adventure

Meet our hero as he encounters his enemy on a train and they battle for revenge endangering the lives of the passengers until our hero see sense and saves the lives of the passengers.

Mini Racers

Strap yourself in for a white-knuckle ride like you’ve never seen before! Furious, fast paced racing on a scale where the smallest things become the biggest obstacles … have you got what it takes to win?

Mob City

Jump in to the the abyss with our time travelers into the world that land forgot where Modoks rule. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?