Arctic 1

Guests are invited on a journey across the North and South Pole by researcher Steel and his sidekick.  A researcher has built a new type of vehicle for polar exploration that he intends to test on its maiden voyage.  Guests are reassured that all possible precautions have been taken, but it doesn’t sound very convincing coming from the researcher.  During the ride the vehicle’s limits will be put to the test whilst traveling through breathtaking landscapes and scenes!


In our submarine embark for an extraordinary journey into the abyssal depths.

Travel in the company of dolphins, exotic fishes, moray eels, sharks, and frightening species still unknown to this day …

Alien Safari

Take a ride with us to a distant planet where strange creatures of all sizes roam it’s surface.  Our highly trained safari guides will get you up close and personal with these amazing animals.


Based on a true story enter the deserted house on a journey of mystery and suspense.  Discover the horrors of times gone by.

Aerobatic Challenge

Join the aerobatic challenge as we take a psychedelic and kaleidoscopic journey through the skies looping the loop.  Fast pace and precise stunts make this film a must do experience.

Action Hero

Meet Action Hero on high alert to launch into battle to defeat the alien invaders.  Join him on an action packed adventure with high octane thrills to keep you on the edge of your seats as man meets machine.  Will Action Hero save the city?

A Tinkerdoodle Christmas

A Tinkerdoodle Christmas gets everyone in the mood for the festive season with a heartwarming tale about Father Christmas.

Fly Around the World
Rome Racer
Moon Thunder
Space Panda

Welcome aboard the Eco-Space Station.  Join Bai and T-frog on their mission to keep space clean and earth green.  What starts off as a candylicious spacewalk soon turns into a journey gone haywire.  Hold on to your hat as lasers and robots fly around your ears in this fun and epic zero-gravity adventure.

Wet Riders
9, 5
Toy Racer

Meet Turbo Teddy, the world’s best toy car racer!  He challenges you for an upcoming race in a brand new car.  You think winning this race is child’s play?  Then you better get well prepared for this weird adventure: Kids in this playroom look like GIANTS, and they will be playing with YOU!  This 3D/4D film is aimed at a family audience in theme parks and science centers.

Titanic Phantoms
9, 5

Carlos and Rick embark on a mission to discover the source of mysterious signals coming from the wreck of the Titanic.  They are attacked by a huge shark and Rick is killed.  Sentaro wants to abort the mission, but Carlos stubbornly refuses.  Stalked by the shark, he tracks the signals into the wreck where he encounters eerie phantoms and ghostly phenomena.  Electronic clues lead him to the remains of a sea serpent.  Realizing he’s getting close to the source of the signals, Carlos presses on.  Suddenly, the phantom figure of Rick’s corpse appears, then vanishes.  Moments later a monstrous ancient shark attacks!  Carlos barely escapes death, and is rescued by Sentaro.

The Witch

The witch wants to use magic to create her prince.  But it is never as easy as it looks like.  On her way to create the perfect man, she has an exciting journey to survive and the final creation is not what she’d expected.

The Reef

An enchanting underwater adventure: Guppy Fish Pi is peacefully living with his friends in an exotic coral reef.  When Troy, a vicious shark sets out to destroy the reef, all animals need to work together to protect their beautiful environment.  The Reef is a funny 3D/4D attraction film for theme parks and aquariums, aimed at children and families.

The Kettle Race

During the night the brewery is the stage for Kurt and Mani, two fearless gentlemen dueling for the title of the champion of the brewery race.  On their way to the finish line they encounter many “delicious” dangers and while their styles may vary they are equally determined to show what they are capable of.

The Butcher
11, 4

In a dark night a beautiful woman finds herself alone as walking down the underground shopping mall in Seoul, Korea.  A serial killer is loose in there for his next target.  Will she be able to survive tonight?  This is a live action simulation film which can give you different reality from other animation horrors.

The Box
Tadeo Jones 2: Basement of Doom

The fearless treasure hunter Tadeo Jones discovers in the neighbour cellar a huge hideout of a sect who is praying to an ancient god.  During his investigations he discovers a cruel secret behind the sect, but gets captured … and prepared to be himself a victim for the fake god.  Now, just a little dog can help him!