Freedom Force
11, 5

Freedom Force is an exciting adventure with family fun combining cutting edge technology to produce a 4D attraction with the look and feel of a Hollywood movie. Four brave kids are enlisted on this top secret mission to enter the Imaginasium … a futuristic device that sends them hurtling through the very figments of imagination and right into the stories of Jules Verne themselves.

Join them on an action packed adventure through some of the favorite stories of all time involving all of the heroes.  They face many obstacles setting the history straight and not mixing up anything as they go.

Chaos and destruction follow as they encounter characters from such classics as Five Weeks in a Balloon and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea amongst others.

Can the team of 4 talented children sent back in time to return all the stories on track and put the heroes of Jules Verne back to the pages of books pull off this feat?

6, 4

Featuring IGOR and FRANKENSTEIN’s monster created by MARY SHELLEY.  An old classic re-imagined like you’ve never seen before.  This FRIGHTENING journey will take you inside the laboratory of a MADMAN, Dr. Frankenstein and his sidekick Igor, as they attempt to reanimate the deceased.  What starts out as a scientific experiment ends in a horrific nightmare.

This movie is highly optimized for 4D THEATERS and MOTION SIMULATORS.  It is sure to EXCITE audiences of all ages!

Dreaming to Fly

Dreaming to Fly tells the dramatic story of Emma, an enthusiastic teenager eager to fly and her granddad, who’s afraid of flying. Together they go through a fun journey while learning the history and science of aviation.

Discover the World Films
Dino Invasion

Join the land where modern meets prehistoric with chaotic consequences.

Cappadocia Coaster
Bee Musical

Join this colourful journey as the bees enter a kaleidoscopic trek taking them across the ocean and into the forest whilst enjoying a musical montage.

Barnyard Breakout

Crazy chaotic capers from the farmyard to the Antarctic to the Safari.

Astro Pinball

High Octane action on the pinball machine giving sensational manoeuvres as you flip and turn.

Hold on to your insides as this dramatic ride unfolds.

Arctic 1

Guests are invited on a journey across the North and South Pole by researcher Steel and his sidekick.  A researcher has built a new type of vehicle for polar exploration that he intends to test on its maiden voyage.  Guests are reassured that all possible precautions have been taken, but it doesn’t sound very convincing coming from the researcher.  During the ride the vehicle’s limits will be put to the test whilst traveling through breathtaking landscapes and scenes!


In our submarine embark for an extraordinary journey into the abyssal depths.

Travel in the company of dolphins, exotic fishes, moray eels, sharks, and frightening species still unknown to this day …

Alien Safari

Take a ride with us to a distant planet where strange creatures of all sizes roam it’s surface.  Our highly trained safari guides will get you up close and personal with these amazing animals.

Aerobatic Challenge

Join the aerobatic challenge as we take a psychedelic and kaleidoscopic journey through the skies looping the loop.  Fast pace and precise stunts make this film a must do experience.

Action Hero

Meet Action Hero on high alert to launch into battle to defeat the alien invaders.  Join him on an action packed adventure with high octane thrills to keep you on the edge of your seats as man meets machine.  Will Action Hero save the city?

A Tinkerdoodle Christmas

A Tinkerdoodle Christmas gets everyone in the mood for the festive season with a heartwarming tale about Father Christmas.

Fly Around the World
Travel with Kids
65 x 30 min

Travel with Kids family adventure travel series is an entertaining, educational, practical travel story featuring exotic unknown and well known experiences around the world.  65 x 30 episodes of this award winning lifestyle, family, kids, teens, travel, and adventure program are currently in distribution with more episodes in production.  Travel with Kids has aired/is broadcast on PBS nationally in the USA (non exclusive), Amazon Prime, hulu, iTunes, Roku, Yootoo America, Hoopla Digital, AppleTV, and many more.  Additionally Travel with Kids has been aired in over 30 international territories.  Travel with Kids is also used for educational and travel planning.  The program is enjoyed by people of all ages with our without kids!  With a large social media following, books, DVDs, and now family adventure tours to the destinations featured in the tv show, the travel with kids brand continues to grow.

The US Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael Watchulonis, MicroPlanet takes viewers on a groundbreaking adventure into the tiny kingdoms of thieves, assassins, and gentle souls alike.  See microscopic flatworms with miraculous powers of regeneration dig through the muck of a freshwater lake.  Witness ferocious antlions build deathtraps and ambush fire ants.  Learn how water striders do the seemingly impossible – walk on water.  And watch sneaky toads find a mate on a beautiful moonlit night.