Join the Ninjas as they attempt to rescue the Golden Crane from the powerful Shogun. Will good conquer evil and do they succeed against all odds?


Take a ride with a difference as you navigate through an array of weapons and fireballs to reach your final destination.

Monkey Madness

Join the mischievous monkeys as they inadvertently set off on a crazy roller coaster ride and meet hippos, giraffes, and lots more moneys on their chaotic capers.


Jump in to the the abyss with our time travelers into the world that land forgot where Modoks rule. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Mini Racers

Strap yourself in for a white-knuckle ride like you’ve never seen before! Furious, fast paced racing on a scale where the smallest things become the biggest obstacles … have you got what it takes to win?

Menace Adventure

Meet our hero as he encounters his enemy on a train and they battle for revenge endangering the lives of the passengers until our hero see sense and saves the lives of the passengers.

Max Adventures

(AKA Paddle Pop Adventures)

We join Max and his friends on their race to find the ancient crystals before the evil Shadowmaster and stop his unrelenting efforts to rule the World.  Our characters venture through dangerous temples riddled with traps.  We experience trekking through deep jungle, journey across hot desert, and fight through snowy mountains to keep the Lion kingdom safe.

Set after the events of the TV series Max Adventures – Begins, this 4D film has been specially designed for all 4D/5D effects.


On the 3rd July 1938 at 4:22 pm, the A4 Pacific steam locomotive, Mallard, swept through Grantham on the East Coast mainline towards Kings Cross. By the time it pulled into Peterborough 26 minutes later the train had reached 126mph – a new world record, which still stands today! Step aboard this record breaking run in 4D to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mallard’s achievement.

Magic World
Lost World
Little Ants Adventure
10, 5

Meet great friends Qin and Ding as they try to fly and end up hurtling through the forest using a leaf as their mode of transport.  Follow them as they slalom through the branches and swim through the river on a roller coaster journey brushing with nature at its best.

Legend of Apollo

Legend of Apollo was produced in partnership with former NASA and Apollo astronaut, David R. Scott, and tells the inside story of the lunar landings with particular reference to the Apollo 15 mission.

Le Voyage de Noé

Join Noah on his adventure at the Zoo as he explores the wildlife and flora around him.

Labyrinth of Illusions

Join our runner on his fast and furious journey of intricate passageways and blind alleys.

Island Coaster
Hover Chase

Enjoy the ultimate ride traveling through tricky terrains and landscapes.

State of the art hover bikes and their riders are pushed to their limits as they vie for poll position.

Experience a high octane adventure combining extreme skill and speed.

The race is on …

Hot Pursuit

Planning for a romantic sunset with his girlfriend our hero’s dream turns into a nightmare when he bumps in his enemy once again.  His former enemy kidnaps his girlfriend and he is so desperate that he can not do anything to stop him.  An exciting chase through the heavy traffic of space colony starts with their space bikes.

Haunted Forest

Do you dare to enter the forest at night?  It is said to be home of spooks and specters of all types and sizes.  Legend speaks of an evil Blood Wraith trapped with in a giant crystal within these woods.  Travel with us as we investigate, but take care, if you unleash the creature you may not make it out alive.

Frontier Ride

Experiments with bending of space and development of next generation technologies laid the foundation of a new era-the era of space colonization.

After years of research scientists around the world had begun construction of the first spacecraft to travel to other worlds.

The ship was given the name – “Breakthrough.”

Soon, millions of colonists left Earth, disappearing into the vastness of space, settling on new worlds.

… until they met the others …

Hansel and Gretel

Join Hansel & Gretel as they venture into the forest to visit the Candy House.