Submarine Odyssey

Underwater adventures in the forgotten wreckages at the bottom of the ocean.

Street Racers

The five best drivers in the most powerful sports cars go head to head in this heart-stopping race to see who is the best …

No one knows what’s coming around the bend, but each of them is willing to risk their life for precious seconds that provide an advantage over rivals.

Heated battle with police patrols, maneuvring in heavy traffic on city streets and spectacular crash constantly change the course of the race.  Join the chase …

Starhyke: First Flight
5, 4

Join the crew of the starship Nemesis as a new cadet, ready to experience your first flight into space.  Hold on tight as your shuttle embarks on its skip around the galaxy and participate in an intergalactic experience.  Encountering an attack from the alien Reptid fighters – can you turn the tables and counterattack?  Zoom through the asteroids and be the victor before returning back to base.

The show features Hollywood actress Claudia Christian (Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5) as she welcomes you on this adventurous, action packed journey.

Stargate SG-3000

For the first time ever, fans of MGM Studio’s wildly popular franchise Stargate will experience the excitement of stepping through the Stargate portal into untold worlds.

In the thrill ride simulation adventure Stargate SG • 3000, the evil Queen Satra has acquired “The Gatekey” and plans to unleash her evil on the universe.

Your mission: retrieve the mystical device which contains the codes to all Stargates throughout the universe and safely return to Stargate Command.  You will board shuttles and pass through the Stargate, entering exotic worlds in a battle to foil the evil plans of this formidable enemy and her powerful army in an all or nothing battle for control of the universe!


Will Doug, the pizza chef, succeed in saving Helena, a beautiful young woman in distress and finally win her heart?

Space Race
Space Aliens

Join us on the beautiful idyllic beach where unimaginable terrors are awaiting as the aliens invade. Watch paradise become an inferno as holiday-makers are are captured and taken to a place unknown.

Sonic: Night of the Werehog

Sonic: Night of the Werehog is a 3D animated short by Sega based on Sonic Unleashed.  Sonic and Chip enter a classic haunted house that is haunted by 3 ghosts, 2 trying to win the affection of one ghost girl through photographing their scares.  However the ghosts didn’t expect the brave Sonic to be a werehog!

School of Magic

What’s boiling in the Calderon at our laboratory of Magic?

Professor Magus, along with his little pet, will go through the mill!  Dragons, carnivorous plants, spells, and special effects are the mix for an hilarious and explosive cocktail.

Take a seat in the School of Magic

9, 5

Meet Rusty the extra terrestrial robot as he takes you on a journey of challenges in an attempt to leave planet earth for an inter galactic experience which ends in disaster.

Roller Coaster 2114

Immerse yourself into an atmosphere of unknown worlds when you ride Roller Coaster 2114.

Our teleport will send you to the new extreme adventure.  Feel the speed at breakneck turns of our slides, riding through the valleys and caves, from the rocky mountains and beautiful landscapes to the mysterious valley and relics of ancient civilizations.

Breathtaking views and high impact adventure.

Rocket the Reindeer III

A fantastic seasonal short film, packed full of colorful 3D moments, and something to go and enjoy getting you in the mood to kick of the Christmas spirit.


Are you fixin’ for some excitement?  Well, rev up your engines and go hog wild with these pigs as they tear up the country side.  So quit playin’ possum and let’s do some Roadhoggin’.

Road Rage

High octane excitement for the 8 cars racing for their moment of glory dodging treacherous conditions.

Retro Race

ONE lap, NO rules …

Red Beard’s Rapids

Avast me hearties!  Batten down the hatches and hoist the colors, we be takin’ a plunge down the motherlode of all water slides.  Take me word ya scurvy dog, ye be havin’ yourself a grand great adventure.  Arrrr!

Ravine Race

Join the ultimate adrenaline junkies on a 600 mph race in jet powered flying cars careering through the unforgiving desert terrain.

Who will be the ultimate winner in this action packed challenge?

Ravine Race is available for licensing to 3D Motion Ride Platforms.

Rats Race

Have you ever wondered what rats do in your house when you are not around? They race of course! Put the petal to the metal and hold on tight for a high octane rush through a house and its floor boards.

Power Balls

Roll, bump, and crash through a giant robot factory full of gears, toxic waste, and craziness!