In Development

Cool Cities

Cool Cities is an immersive global journey that explores how science and technology together with a cultural renaissance is opening the door to a sustainable future in many of the world’s most iconic mega-cities. The film will offer a practical vision for more livable cities that all people of all continents can connect with and be part of. We will showcase the human stories and real-world solutions that provide hope for a planet that can not only survive, but thrive for countless generations to come.

Feathered Dinosaurs

On the green slopes of giant volcanoes lives Microraptor. Not a bird, nor a normal dinosaur: with four wings, this small, feathered dinosaur glides between trees in search of lizards or insects to feed its young. Being tiny exposes it to various threats from its neighbours: on the ground, Sinosauropteryx – a squirrel version of Velociraptor – and the massive Yutyranus – a sort of feathered T-Rex – roam in search of dinner. Highly exposed on the ground, Microraptor can only climb trees to escape. Its neighbours have other strategies: primitive mammals rely on dens to hide in and poisonous heel spurs to inflict deadly wounds; coloured Caudipteryx – a peacock version of a small Velociraptor – or “Pyjama raptor” – another fluffy raptor – have to run through the maze of trees to confuse their predators. Every minute, Microraptor battles to survive: Darwinopterus pterosaurs attack through the canopy, winter brings snow and volcanoes spew deadly clouds of ashes. Will Microraptor thrive long enough to give its chicks a chance to flee and venture out of their nest?

The Planets

Scale the poisonous volcanoes of Venus and the ancient red dunes of Mars. Bore through the icy crust of Europa to imagine life in hidden seas. Navigate the otherworldly archipelagos of Titan in the shadow of Saturn’s dreamy rings.

The Planets is journey from science fiction to ‘science vision,’ an aspirational look at the next century in human spacefaring achievement, profiling the technological and pioneering stepping stones thought necessary for humankind to become a truly interplanetary species. From moon bases and space elevators to asteroid outposts and aerostatic habitats, the film will profile the dreamers of today – engineers and artists from universities, international space agencies and private enterprise – whose proof-of-concept technologies and mind-blowing innovations may one day allow our children’s children to push ever deeper into a solar system both beautiful and bizarre.