Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit


Million-selling fantasy novel series Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit comes alive in a full 4K drama series, starring leading Japanese actress Haruka Ayase.

The story is set in an imaginary land resembling ancient Asia, where the two worlds of spirits and humans intertwine in mysterious ways.

The heroine Balsa is a skilled bodyguard and a masterful spear-wielder.  One day she rescues Prince Chagum who has fallen into a river.  The prince is carrying a mysterious spirit egg in his body, and is in danger of being assassinated by his father, the Mikado (king), who fears this will damage his imperial prestige.  Balsa embarks upon a perilous journey when she accepts the queen’s plead to protect her son from her husband …

The narrative, including the VFX and action sequences, will propel viewers into a world of dense forests, spectacular palaces, and spirits and demons.

A world of adventure never seen by anyone is now being unveiled.

Film Information

Release: 2016

Runtime(s): 1 x 73 min, 3 x 58 min

Other Credits

Starring: Haruka AYASE, Kai KOBAYASHI, Masahiro HIGASHIDE, Fumino KIMURA, Koji KIKKAWA, Reiko TAKASHIMA, Mikijiro HIRA Tatsuya FUJIWARA





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