The Ultimate Wave Tahiti


Featuring eleven-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti follows a quest to find the perfect wave-riding experience.  The film’s action focuses on Tahiti and the volcanic islands of French Polynesia, home to some of the world’s most challenging surfing and to astounding coral reef ecosystems at the turbulent interface between island and ocean.  The islands are also a homeland of traditional Polynesian seafaring culture and the art of surfing.

With their host, Tahitian surfer Raimana Van Bastolear, Kelly Slater and a group of friends seek out the best waves breaking on the reef at Tahiti’s famed surf site Teahupoo.  Kelly and Raimana share a passion for the waves, but different ideas about what surfing means to them: is it a modern competitive sport or an ancient Polynesian wave-riding art?  As the surf quest unfolds, the film explores the hidden forces at work shaping the waves and the islands that lie in their path.  The great waves arrive and surfing play becomes surfing survival as the riders tackle some of the biggest, heaviest surf on the planet.

Film Information

Director(s): Stephen Low

Producer(s): Pietro L. Serapiglia

Narrator(s): Michael Hanrahan

Release: 2010

Runtime(s): 45, 24, 14

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Awards & Accolades

    • Booked in over 180 markets worldwide
    • Over $25 million in box office
    • Still in theatrical distribution

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Featuring Kelly Slater, Raimana Van Bastolaer

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