Shackleton: The Greatest Story of Survival


In 1913 Sir Ernest Shackleton set sail with 27 men to attempt to cross the frozen continent of Antarctica on foot.  His vessel became trapped in sea ice.  After nearly a year locked in the ice, the ship was crushed, forcing the crew into a desperate battle to survive and find their way back to civilization.

Join explorer Tim Jarvis on this incredible experience, reliving Shackleton’s harrowing journey while crossing the perilous landscapes of the great Antarctica and South Georgia.

Film Information

Director(s): Bobbi Hansel, Nick Robinson

Release: 2023

Runtime(s): 44, 24

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Other Credits

Written and Directed by Caspar Mazzotti and Bobbi Hansel
Presented by Tim Jarvis AM
Voice of Shackleton: Rupert Degas
Produced by Nick Robinson, Electra Manikakis, David Gross