Little Dolphin


Experience the majestic marine adventure of a young dolphin, discovering the beauty and dangers of marine life.  Will he succeed in retrieving his lost mother?  Come, explore, and share magical encounters!  This highly immersive production is targeted at 3D/4D theatres in aquariums, zoos, theme parks, and other major venues.  The 9-minute film has a subtle yet powerful and positive ecological message; the future is bright and blue.

Film Information

Director(s): Cedric Igodt

Producer(s): Cedric Igodt, Nicolas Verhelst

Release: 2015

Runtime(s): 9

Other Credits

Produced by: Niceberg Studios
Written and directed by: Nicolas Verhelst
Executive producer: Cedric Igodt
Art Director and storyboard by: Wim Tilkin, Michiel Coene and Kamal Bhardwaj
Layout by: Peter Segers, Marco Segers and Eser Unal
3D modelling by: Marco Segers and Sebastian Malavasi
Rigging by: Eser Unal and Benny Raimondi
Animation by; Peter Segers, Eser Unal and Benny Raimondi
VFX by: Michiel Coene
Lighting and shading by: Marco Segers, Tommie Kidjemet
Compositing by: Tommie Kidjemet
Music composed by: Hans Mullens
Soundscape and 5.1 mixing by: Sonicville
Editing by: Michiel Coene
Project managers: Wim Tilkin and Kamal Bhardwaj
Intern: Laurence Verheijen





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