Mountain Quest


A lone climber, suspended hundreds of feet in the air, struggles to find the next finger hold, defining progress in inches. The dramatic visuals immerse us in a gripping contest of human determination versus the reality of gravity’s potent grip. CLIFFHANGERS explores the precarious relationship of humanity’s quest to scale some of the world’s highest places, while also revealing the scientific and technological advances that have enabled us to conquer these peaks, exposing the heartbeat of the human soul.

A tapestry of jaw-dropping action, combined with rich STEM content…..for example, physics of the real world – how climbing is a tug-of-war between friction and gravity, while skiing involves the same battle of forces in reverse. Educational insights about the engineering of climbing gear and skis, and the aeronautical effects of a wingsuit, are seamlessly integrated with dramatic visuals and action. The film will be narrated by Willem Dafoe and release early 2018.

Film Information

Director(s): Jennifer Peedom

Producer(s): Jennifer Peedom, Jo-Anne McGowan

Narrator(s): Willem Dafoe

Release: 2017

Runtime(s): 37

Other Credits

Artistic Director ACO & Composer: Richard Tognetti
Narration Script by Robert Macfarlane
Written by Jennifer Peedom, Robert Macfarlane, Mose Richards
Principal Cinematography by Renan Ozturk
Editing by Christian Gazal, Scott Gray Ase
Sound Design by David White

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