Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia


A civilization that rose to become the envy of the world, only to disappear … a mystery waiting to be unlocked by modern archaeologists, scientists and explorers.

Following an epic spree of religious building whose scale and ambition rivals the pyramids of Egypt, Angkor is the scene of one of the greatest vanishing acts of all time.  The Khmer kingdom lasted from the 9th to the 15th centuries and at its height dominated a large swathe of South-East Asia from Myanmar to the west to Vietnam in the East.  As many as one million people lived in Angkor, the capital, which sprawled across an area the size of New York’s five boroughs, making it the most extensive urban complex of the pre-industrial world.  By the late 16th Century, the once resplendent capital of the empire, with its thousands of elaborate temples and religious monuments, was being overrun by the surrounding jungles.

Many experts have attempted to provide answers, and theories abound.  1300 carved inscriptions survive on temple doorjambs but the Khmer people of Angkor left not a single word explaining their kingdom’s collapse. This will be a visually stunning film … an epic adventure where science, mystery and ancient civilization intersect.

Film Information

Director(s): Murray Pope

Producer(s): Christopher Zaryc, David Gross, Murray Pope

Narrator(s): Markus Hamilton

Release: 2021

Runtime(s): 39

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Other Credits

Directed by Murray Pope.
Produced by David Gross, Murray Pope, Christopher Zaryc.
Written by Paul Phelan, Murray Pope.
Executive Producers: Ed Capelle, Mark Kresser, Nick Robinson, Kulikar Sotho, John Weiley.
Director of Photography: Earle Dresner.

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