Australia’s Great Wild North


Few places on earth remain as wild and pristine as the Top End of Australia. It is a land that time forgot. A place with some of the richest wetlands and oldest rainforests where ancient people lived in harmony with this wild land and her beasts. The largest dinosaurs called this land home and left their foot prints in these ancient rocks, and one of their deadly relatives still lives there today. Come on this epic scientific adventure with Tommy, our native Aboriginal guide, as we venture through some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, and travel deep into saltwater crocodile country.

Film Information

Director(s): Nick Robinson

Producer(s): Caspar Mazzotti, Electra Manikakis, Nick Robinson

Narrator(s): Tom E. Lewis

Release: 2018

Runtime(s): 41, 37, 25

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Other Credits

Cinematography by Nick Robinson, Caspar Mazzotti.
Underwater Cinematography: Jon Shaw.
Associate Producers: Tim Maddocks, Tom Harberd.
Executive Producers: David Gross, John Maynard, John Weiley, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross, Mark Kresser, Bob Kresser.
Editors: Caspar Mazzotti, Paul Phelan.
Written by Nick Robinson.
Distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment, and ​distributed in the rest of the world by K2 Films Australia Pty., Ltd.

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