Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet


On a thrilling ride, we spin back in time to an extraordinary prehistoric world: Alaska 70 million years ago in the Cretaceous period: the last great flourish of the dinosaur era.  Through the most ambitious CGI, we experience that world and meet an incredible variety of dinosaurs, most of whom have never been seen on the big screen before.  They’re fighting, feeding, migrating, playing, hunting, just like scenes from a real wildlife film, but shot 70 million years ago.  Science can take us so far but the evidence is incomplete.  So how much do we know and how can we build on that with deduction and imagination to create a truly believable and life-like prehistoric world?  In an elegant graphic world, we explore the complete picture of the dinosaurs’ world, but visually from the bones up, through answers to a series of ever more fascinating questions.  The things you really want to know about dinosaurs.

Film Information

Director(s): Barry Cook, Neil Nightingale, Richard Dale

Producer(s): Amanda Hill, Deepak Nayar, Mike Devlin

Narrator(s): Benedict Cumberbatch

Release: 2013

Runtime(s): 45, 22





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