Fermentation is the theme of this work of dome art, produced with the help of choreographers and contemporary dancers. The phenomenon of fermentation is one in which tiny microorganisms, invisible to the naked eye, enable life to flower its hidden potential after death.  This work abstracts this invisible phenomenon through dance, and expresses the creativity and energy that lies beyond death.  If the living body of a dancer represents ‘life,’ the body of the dancer seen on film embodies ‘death.’  The body of the dancer, appearing amid the darkness of the dome, evokes not only death but also what lies beyond: the birth of a new life.

Film Information

Director(s): Masashige Iida

Producer(s): Masashige Iida

Release: 2014

Runtime(s): 15

Other Credits

Writer: Masashige Iida
Main Dancers: Natsuko Kuroda, Kotaro Mizushima, Rumi Murase
Choreographer: Natsuko Kuroda
Costume designer: Kaori Tamura
Music and Sound designer: Fumihiko Hayashi





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