Deus Ex Homine


“Deus Ex Homine” comes from Latin meaning “god built by humans.”  That “god” might be the tools – our machines and technologies, the city – our caves of concrete and steel, and the networks – the highways and waterways that are the lifeblood of our cities.  With our technology, we conquered and reshaped the natural world.  As we have overrun our planet’s surface, more and more of us live in the fantastically complex artificial biomes that are our cities.  Modern societies and economies depend on these constructs.  Bridges and servers connect us, cars and planes move us, farms and restaurants feed us, and cargo ships and oil tankers make it all possible.  The “Makers” among us forge machines – electromechanical gods – that reshape and govern humanity.  Automobiles.  Typewriters.  Computers.  The Robot Maker creates machines in our image, striving to infuse them with intelligence, emotion, and sentience.  Perhaps some day they will surpass us.  They already have in many ways.  Perhaps we will re-engineer ourselves, integrating man and machine.  Deus ex homine (deus?).

Film Information

Director(s): Peter H. Chang

Producer(s): Christopher Frey, Peter H. Chang

Release: 2011

Runtime(s): 5

Other Credits

Director of Photography: Peter H. Chang, Brad Kremer, Stewart Mayer





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