Butterfly Journey


Beautiful, delicate yet unbelievably resilient, the butterfly is one of nature’s most enigmatic creatures. A story of adaptation and survival, we follow the vast migrations of the Blue Tigers of Australia and the Monarchs of North America and Mexico.

With the help of cutting edge slow-motion, drone and macro filming techniques, we see the butterflies’ tiny world in immaculate detail as they overcome the challenges of metamorphosis and migration, fly thousands of kilometers and as high as 3300 meters. Butterfly Journey reveals our interconnected and awe-inspiring world on the giant screen, through the eyes of the butterflies. Yet what fate awaits them when the fine-tuned climates they intimately know suddenly shift?

Film Information

Release: 2024

Runtime(s): 39, 24

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Other Credits

Narrated by Richard Stibbard, Rodolfo Fernandez
Written and Directed by Paul Phelan
Produced by Sarah Noonan, David Gross, Jo-Anne McGowan