Amazing Journeys


Witness some of nature’s most incredible spectacles as millions of creatures embark on Amazing Journeys of survival.  Film director George Casey introduces audiences to six of nature’s truly unique phenomena.  From the distant reaches of a hidden Mexican village to the sunny, warm surf off the Baja coast, fly on the delicate wings of a butterfly and dive into the depths of the oceans with a colossal whale to experience awe-inspiring life and death migrations.  Along with the immense distances they travel, these species face many obstacles—obstacles that may change their migratory patterns forever.  Go along on a most unbelievable road trip as nature struggles to the very ends of the earth.

Film Information

Director(s): George Casey

Producer(s): Paul Novros

Narrator(s): Robert Foxworth

Release: 1999

Runtime(s): 39

Awards & Accolades

  • Worldwide Box Office: Over $24.8 million
  • Golden Eagle (top honor) in the CINE film festival
  • Winner – CINE Best Film in its category
  • Top honor (gold) in the Chicago International Film Festival




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