4D Attraction/Ride

Popular entertainment attractions for the entire family! Available in 3D & 2D. Put a “theme park” attraction in your theater.

Release Year
Red Beard’s Rapids

Avast me hearties!  Batten down the hatches and hoist the colors, we be takin’ a plunge down the motherlode of all water slides.  Take me word ya scurvy dog, ye be havin’ yourself a grand great adventure.  Arrrr!

Retro Race

ONE lap, NO rules …

River Rats
Road Rage

High octane excitement for the 8 cars racing for their moment of glory dodging treacherous conditions.


Are you fixin’ for some excitement?  Well, rev up your engines and go hog wild with these pigs as they tear up the country side.  So quit playin’ possum and let’s do some Roadhoggin’.

Rocket the Reindeer III

A fantastic seasonal short film, packed full of colorful 3D moments, and something to go and enjoy getting you in the mood to kick of the Christmas spirit.

Roller Coaster 2114

Immerse yourself into an atmosphere of unknown worlds when you ride Roller Coaster 2114.

Our teleport will send you to the new extreme adventure.  Feel the speed at breakneck turns of our slides, riding through the valleys and caves, from the rocky mountains and beautiful landscapes to the mysterious valley and relics of ancient civilizations.

Breathtaking views and high impact adventure.

Rome Racer
8, 5

It is the future.  Civilization has ended.  A war exists between machines and the survivors of the human race.  Amidst the ruins of a forgotten world lie the secrets of our former glory.  Follow our hero on a high speed motorbike chase through the crumbling cities, tunnels, and streets as he attempts to escape a weaponized attack drone with what may be the key to mankind’s future.

9, 5

Meet Rusty the extra terrestrial robot as he takes you on a journey of challenges in an attempt to leave planet earth for an inter galactic experience which ends in disaster.

Santa’s Slide

Santa’s Slide is the story of a small Santa figure hanging on a Christmas tree in a US 60’s living room.  After his awakening, he is experiencing a fantastic journey to get his cookie!

School of Magic

What’s boiling in the Calderon at our laboratory of Magic?

Professor Magus, along with his little pet, will go through the mill!  Dragons, carnivorous plants, spells, and special effects are the mix for an hilarious and explosive cocktail.

Take a seat in the School of Magic

Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker
44, 24

Between a jagged cliff face and a roaring ocean, lives a colony of Australian Sea Lions.  In an environment equally as harsh as it is beautiful, be immersed in a classic coming of age tale guided by one of Australia’s most unique, intelligent, and playful animals.  Take an intimate journey inside the colony where a life of great intimacy, tenderness, and clumsiness, must often give way to a life of great sacrifice and bravery.  Dive into the world of a rare Australian Sea Lion pup – and meet the people that are trying to save her species.

Shine Like a Star
24, 16, 8

The parable about a small star which in search of friends and adventures finds its mission on Earth helping people.

Sonic: Night of the Werehog

Sonic: Night of the Werehog is a 3D animated short by Sega based on Sonic Unleashed.  Sonic and Chip enter a classic haunted house that is haunted by 3 ghosts, 2 trying to win the affection of one ghost girl through photographing their scares.  However the ghosts didn’t expect the brave Sonic to be a werehog!

Space Aliens

Join us on the beautiful idyllic beach where unimaginable terrors are awaiting as the aliens invade. Watch paradise become an inferno as holiday-makers are are captured and taken to a place unknown.

Space Panda

Welcome aboard the Eco-Space Station.  Join Bai and T-frog on their mission to keep space clean and earth green.  What starts off as a candylicious spacewalk soon turns into a journey gone haywire.  Hold on to your hat as lasers and robots fly around your ears in this fun and epic zero-gravity adventure.

Space Race

Will Doug, the pizza chef, succeed in saving Helena, a beautiful young woman in distress and finally win her heart?