4D Attraction/Ride

Popular entertainment attractions for the entire family! Available in 3D & 2D. Put a “theme park” attraction in your theater.

Release Year
Monkey Madness

Join the mischievous monkeys as they inadvertently set off on a crazy roller coaster ride and meet hippos, giraffes, and lots more moneys on their chaotic capers.

Moon Thunder

Take a ride with a difference as you navigate through an array of weapons and fireballs to reach your final destination.

National Treasures in NPM

During the special exhibition of “Landscape Reunited: Huang Gongwang and Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountain,” Child Pillow goes over to the exhibition hall just like anyone else to see the legendary national treasure.  Out of nowhere, he is invited by the scholar in the painting to step into “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains!”  In this Chinese style painting, Child Pillow encounters a little white pony from “one hundred horses” who is searching for its shadow.  Both of them return to exhibition hall, and the courageous Child Pillow promise to find the shadow for the little white pony.  However, when wondering in the exhibition hall, Child Pillow collides with Pixie and Jade Duck, and at the same time, crushes the famous calligraphy “Scent of Flowers Wafting.”  Now they are in big trouble …

Night at the Toy Store

Follow a fellow toy soldier on an epic adventure as you race through a busy toy store after closing time.  Buckle your seatbelt and hold on tight!

This 3D ride film is fun for the whole family!


Join the Ninjas as they attempt to rescue the Golden Crane from the powerful Shogun. Will good conquer evil and do they succeed against all odds?


Join us for an underwater experience like no other as the metallic Octopus pays a visit to his finds under the ocean.

Oniris City

Oniris City, the city of the future …

Drive into the wild traffic of this futuristic town and beware of the consequences of piloting error!

The traffic police are everywhere and are ready to chase those who do not respect the rules …

Outpost 12

Welcome to Outpost 12, our sister station on planet Kaas.  Take a tour of our facilities and surrounding areas on a rocket powered coaster.  Hop on board, secure your restraints and keep your hands in the vehicle at all time.

Panic House

Lured in by a beautiful Victorian house for sale you are trapped by it’s demonic occupant.  Run quickly through it’s horrors to escape with your life or get caught and lose your soul.

Penguin Express

Join a wacky tour guide as he takes you on a perilous journey through the dangerous ice mountains of Antarctica in search of Penguins in their natural habitat.  There is no telling what animals you may come across as you ride in your ice sled, pulled by your guides snowmobile along the narrow trails and unexplored caves.

Penguin Express is a premier animated stereoscopic 3D adventure film and is optimized for today’s 4D/5D motion theaters and simulators.  Perfect for the whole family.

Photon Rail
Pirates Jungle Ride

Join our pirate on his train journey through the jungle find the treasure stolen his ship avoiding wild animals and all sorts of obstacles.


Travel through the universe with us through the Portal.  Experience Space, the Sea, the Future, and the World Beyond.


Meet the sailing ships though the eyes of the flying penguin and follow him as he guides them through the magical world under the ocean. As a major storm brews with tornadoes ahead meet Poseidon. Can he rescue the team and save the day?

Power Balls

Roll, bump, and crash through a giant robot factory full of gears, toxic waste, and craziness!

Quantum Quest
23, 11

Since the beginning of time, the balance of the universe has rested upon a war unseen by human eyes … a crusade that wages until this very day … THE VOID, an ancient and malevolent being, leads his vast army of anti-matter wages war against all matter.  On the other hand, THE CORE is a wise and benevolent being and sends his children, photons, to fight against THE VOID and his anti-matters.  A young photon named DAVE refuses to embark on the quest with the rest of photons.  Only until one day, THE RANGER, a ghost particle pleads for his help to deliver a mysterious gem to Cassini Space Core Commander to save trillions upon trillions lives of photons.  Hesitant but without a choice, Dave agrees to carry on the mission that bears the fate of the struggle …

Rats Race

Have you ever wondered what rats do in your house when you are not around? They race of course! Put the petal to the metal and hold on tight for a high octane rush through a house and its floor boards.

Ravine Race

Join the ultimate adrenaline junkies on a 600 mph race in jet powered flying cars careering through the unforgiving desert terrain.

Who will be the ultimate winner in this action packed challenge?

Ravine Race is available for licensing to 3D Motion Ride Platforms.