Partnership Opportunity

In an evolving environment between brand and consumer, K2 Communications provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect through cause and affinity content and engage through community. Each project is an independent media platform, with seamless integration, multi-channel content, and measurable impact. Our established global distribution channels and strategic partners offer an end-to-end, packaged media initiative.

Big Names

Kelly Slater

Patrick Stewart

Simon Helberg

Partner Testimonials

“Secrets of the Universe is a crucial project that will fascinate young people and engage the general public in one of the most profound scientific endeavors of humankind in the 21st century. The film will become a must for science teaching, since it will show how human ingenuity was able to reconstruct the cosmic evolution – from a small point to an entire Universe – by observation and experiment.”

– Rolf Landua, PhD, Head of Education at CERN

“With the perspective of the 10-plus years since the launch of Adventures in Wild California Imax film, I can honestly say it has been the single highest impact, big idea project the commission has ever undertaken.”

– Caroline Beteta, President & CEO, Visit California

“Bottom line… K2 Communications brings a high level of professionalism and quality to each of our joint productions. Thank you again for your partnership.”

– Pat Riddle, Director, Advertising and Brand Management, Boeing Defense, Space & Security

“I have worked with many outside companies while leading large projects on behalf of Boeing and it was truly a pleasure to work with such a talented, skillful and effective team during the entire process, from concept and funding, to planning and production, and finally distribution and marketing… Worldwide reach in key markets for years to come as well as the ability to use the IMAX theater format for special events were other benefits.”

– Yvonne Leach, Communications Director- Airplane Programs, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

“We are extremely happy to report that we are very pleased with the outcome to date. The Los Angeles premiere event was an absolute success and one of the better events we have undertaken… We have seen a substantial increase in tourism… We believe that these encouraging results… can be predominately attributed to the… aforementioned media projects.”

– Jonathan Reap, Managing Director, Tahiti Tourisme North America