Yosemite Wild


Autumn has arrived in Yosemite Valley.  The iconic National Park, with its soaring granite walls and untamed wilderness is on fire.  The low humidity of autumn draws rock climbers from all over the world; and simultaneously exposes the fragility of the wild ecosystem.  Climbers band together to play in the park, and to act as responsible stewards to preserve its future.

Film Information

Director(s): Robert Mooring

Producer(s): Robert Mooring

Narrator(s): Tamara Huyskens

Release: 2015

Runtime(s): 40, 12

Other Credits

Written by Robert Mooring
Edited by Robert Mooring, Peter Chang
Music by Siddhartha Barnhoorn
Climbers: Mark Heal, John Vallejo, Shannon Vallejo, Robert M. Mooring
Executive Producer: Peter H. Chang





Exclusive worldwide excluding Japan