Quantum Quest


Since the beginning of time, the balance of the universe has rested upon a war unseen by human eyes … a crusade that wages until this very day … THE VOID, an ancient and malevolent being, leads his vast army of anti-matter wages war against all matter.  On the other hand, THE CORE is a wise and benevolent being and sends his children, photons, to fight against THE VOID and his anti-matters.  A young photon named DAVE refuses to embark on the quest with the rest of photons.  Only until one day, THE RANGER, a ghost particle pleads for his help to deliver a mysterious gem to Cassini Space Core Commander to save trillions upon trillions lives of photons.  Hesitant but without a choice, Dave agrees to carry on the mission that bears the fate of the struggle …

Film Information

Release: 2010

Runtime(s): 23, 11





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