The Man from the 9 Dimensions


“How does the Universe work?  How was it even created?”  Growing up, everyone has thought about these fundamental questions, but there are still people who keep searching for the answers — Scientists.

Scientists are seeking a certain person.  His name is T.o.E.  If they catch him, all the mysteries of the physical world will be solved.  The scientists are finally able to locate him, but the moment they try to catch him, he escapes with ease.  He says, “Welcome to my world,” and invites us to a fantastical journey.

He traverses space and time, from the world of the infinitesimally small to the vastness of the macroscopic world of space, and from the present day to the distant past, up to the birth of the Universe.  What lies at the end of this journey is something that will change how we perceive reality forever.

Who in the world is T.o.E.?  Will the scientists catch him?  The journey beyond dimensions starts now.

Film Information

Director(s): Takashi Shimizu

Producer(s): Takehiro Tokushige

Release: 2016

Runtime(s): 29

Awards & Accolades

    • Awarded at the IPS Fulldome Festival 2016 for the Best Educational Production Award




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