Lucia, The Secret of Shooting Stars


Vladimir, a polar bear, and James, a penguin, travel into space aboard the Polaris to study polar auroras.

Hit by a meteorite, they crash at the foot of a pre-Columbian pyramid and meet Lucia, a hummingbird who is passionate about rocks.  She tells them about a legend evoking “stones of light.”

Meteorites, shooting stars, these “stones of light” intrigue them all.  In order to solve this enigma, they board for the Moon, then the asteroid belt, and finally land on a comet nucleus.  Who is having fun throwing stones from space?

Hypotheses, observations, and analyses will allow them to find answers to their questions back on Earth!

Film Information

Director(s): Laurent Asselin

Release: 2018

Runtime(s): 31

Awards & Accolades

      • 2018, Czech Republic, Brno Observatory and Planetarium Director’s Award, Brno Fulldome Festival
      • 2019, Russia, Best Fulldome Animated Show, Reflections of the Universe




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