Alaska: Spirit of the Wild


Alaska: Spirit of the Wild is the ultimate story of survival, where life triumphs season after season against fierce conditions and challenges.

“It is a place little contaminated by the present, where we can rediscover a vitality and beauty vanishing from our lives.  Whether or not we will ever reach Alaska, we all want to know such a place still exists.”  This is narrator Charlton Heston’s poignant summation of the film Alaska: Spirit of the Wild.

Transporting viewers on a voyage into the last great frontier where nature enchants the eye with magnificent spectacles, this film takes audiences fishing with brown bears, soaring with bald eagles, dodging calving glaciers, and racing on the hooves of caribou — all from the comfort of their theater seats.  Director George Casey masterfully relates the genesis of Alaska and then explores its rich history, surprising wildlife, magnificent landscapes, harsh climate, and abiding spirit.

Film Information

Director(s): George Casey

Producer(s): George Casey, Paul Novros

Narrator(s): Charlton Heston

Release: 1997

Runtime(s): 39

Awards & Accolades

  • Academy Award nominee (“Best Documentary, Short Subject”)
  • U.S. Box Office: Over $100 million
  • Golden Eagle (top honor) in the CINE film festival
  • Top honor (gold) in the Chicago International Film Festival




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